Need for speed underground 2, wont worrk Speed2.exe error

when a start playing needm for speed underground 2 in 5 minute its closes and on the desktop is window with:
speed.exe / speed2.exe has encountered a problem...
plese tell me how can i resolve this problem?
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  1. if your using Windows 7 try running it in compatibility mode.
  2. Have you tired to repair or re-install the game?
  3. i think your screen refresh rate is low or your screen is using eco friendly mode or its a power-saving feature which your GeForce has got
    it also happened to me
    Apparently energy-saving features override the card's ability to change refresh rates on the fly when the full-screen 3D app loads up. Unfortunately replacing graphics drivers saved my problem settings, and resetting to default didn't affect the power saving mode
  4. speed2.exe
  5. speed2.exe
  6. download a crack speed2.exe, try a few different crack versions, happened to me once or twice so i switched to a cracked exe file.
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