Another A7V success story!

Who says the A7V is no good? It's the best!
I just set my system up (A7V with Athlon 1200MHz).
NO instabilities, not in WinME, nor in Win2000.
It's just FAST and ROCK STABLE!
Long live ASUS!
Long live AMD!
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  1. I was also able to build such a system, but with a 1Ghz processor. I faced some problems since I wasn't really prepared, but thanks to this forum, I can now build an AMD system in Win2K and Win98 without problems...
  2. I think the A7V is the best socket A board that does not use DDR.

    I still laugh when people are suprised to get the A7V working properly. What's the suprise? I've never had a problem.

    This was posted solely to increase my post count and may not contain any relevant info
  3. I dont anyone is saying the A7v is no good, they just have trouble with it, but for every person that has trouble, there is another like you who hasent
  4. Asus A7v
    1 gig Tbird
    Annihalator II ultra
    256 sd133 ram
    WD ATA100 7200 RPM HDD

    I agree about the sweet board. I had some real problems getting mine set up (3 weeks worth of real programing trouble). It wasn't the board at all. It was my inexperence using BIOS for the first time to the extent the A7v needs. I hung with it, made a few posts, & learned a heck of a lot, now it's solid as a rock. This is my 3rd computer I've built for myself & by far the best. I have it solid with 98SE, now I'm going to get it just as solid in ME. Then I'll see just which OS I'll use as the main one. I haven't pushed it yet & don't know if I really need to the way it's running.


    Gaming is sweet with my setup & that's where it's at!
  5. Hi All,

    One thing I've gathered from reading the posts on the Asus NetQ forums is that people seem to get problems from getting the very latest BIOS revisions. There are a lot of posts on there from peeps who have upgraded the A7V's BIOS and now get lockups in Win2k.

    Maybe the mobo people should test their BIOS updates more...then again, they probably don't have enough combinations of hardware and software (or time/money) to test every possibility.

    I used to be one for getting the very latest drivers as soon as they came out, but I now tend to lurk for a few months to see if there are any teething problems which need fixing. I figure that a (possibly) slightly slower but working system is better than a non-working system :O)

    I have to say I've had good experiences with Asus boards (P2B-LS and A7V in particular), they've been fast and reliable.

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