My pc games are slow and hang

I av pes 2010 and G.T.A vice city on my vista. And I also av a 256mb of video card and a 2gb ram. But my g.t.a slows down and eventually hangs while my pes 1.75gb or ram instead of 2gb and its also slow. How do i go about it
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  1. List your full specs plz.
  2. hello Tosyn290,
    buddy list your full specs.
    What about your CPU?
    U are having good specs for GTA Vice City because it is considered a game that utilizes almost no resources.
    Its coding is good.
    I used to play it nearly 7 years ago.
    N i played it on 256MB RAM,INTEL Pentium R 2.0 GHz.
    N 64MB Built-in graphic chip.
    On such PC i played it with no lagg.
    So for our convenience list the complete specs.
    Best Of Luck.
  3. gotta list the specs.. if you don't know what kind of mobo you have you can download cpuz and gpuz from:
  4. It could be that you have a load of cr@p running in the background. Open taskmanager and kill everything that you can then start the game. No Interweb windows, no torrent client, no im, etc, and see if you can put your AV software into game mode or disable temporarily while you play.
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