GTA EFLC not working with new video card

I just bought a GTX 460 to replace a Radeon HD 4650.GTA Episodes From Liberty City ran fine with the 4650 no crashes or anything ever.As soon as I put the GTX 460 in the game started freezing after a few minutes of gameplay and sometimes crash to windows with error message "EFLC Fatal Error out of video memory please re boot".I made sure to go into safe mode and delete all the old ati drivers with driver sweeper and installed the latest driver from the Nvidia website.The only that has changed is the video card.I don't get it.Any Ideas guys?
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  1. Well you went from ati to nvidia, very different drivers, make sure all ati drivers/registry files related were deleted..
    Does it only crash in gta btw ?
  2. Yeah it crashes in GTA only.I don't have a whole lot of gaming time but I've played BFBC2 Vietnam for a couple hours with no problems and also Napoleon Total War.I'm pretty sure I got all the old ATI drivers and files off.I used driver sweeper.Like I said it ran good with the old 4650.

    System specs
    Intel Quad core q6600 at 2.4ghz
    Windows Xp 32bit
    3 gigs ram
    Nvidia GTX 460 1gb
    corsair 550 watt psu
  3. Well, if it works with other games, then its game related, reinstall Efldc..
    Also monitor your temps with HW monitor-
  4. Ok I guess I'll try re-install.I
    ve been monitoring temp but it never goes over 60 degrees Celsius.
  5. chrismq said:
    Ok I guess I'll try re-install.I
    ve been monitoring temp but it never goes over 60 degrees Celsius.

    Temps fine..
  6. re installed.still doesnt work.
  7. Try decreasing the settings- also check if there is any patch available=-
  8. It's a driver conflict between Nvidia and ATI. Other games may run fine and some would crash. Best solution would be a clean installation of Windows again to eliminate the conflict completely.
  9. Got done installing windows awhile ago,been playing for about 2 hours with no problems.Thanks fellas.
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