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I am perplexed about something. My son has a gaming machine ($3,500) which is about 3 years old (not quite) He replaced his defunct video card last year to a newer one also designed for games. Don't recall which Nvidia card it was. My son does not play games on line.

He only plays by himself (single player I guess it's called) My question, as I am about to do something about my broadband service, and would rather not have to get cable as it is expensive for me here ($60 for 6 mb) whereas I can get my DSL upgraded from 1.5 mb to 3 mb for $29. I recently bought my son Mass Effect, which he can't play on his computer. The video stutters. Now I just purchased a Sony Play Station game Uncharted 2, which I am afraid won't work, so I am reluctant to open it and try it.

As he is not going on line to play these games, should our slow 1.5 DSL service effect the game in any way?
If so, would increasing it to 3 mb be of any significant help, or do we have to get cable (again max. 6 mb in cable for us)
I would not have thought that broadband speed would have anything to do with playing games, if you are not going on line to play. Am I wrong.
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  1. Broadband speed will only affect games when playing online. 3mb would be enough for this anyway. If he is getting video stutter it could be that the graphics card is struggling, the cpu may be underpowered or you are getting low on system memory.
    He is also missing out on a world of fun by not playing multiplayer! Online is a lot more funnerer.
  2. Cant Edit, grrr. - I think you will need to go online briefly with PS3 in order to play certain games, firmware updates, game patches etc.
  3. Pretty much all games for the PS3 will need an internet connection because of how PlayStation Network integrates with the system, even if you're not actually playing online. Things may take a while, but once an update is done, you don't have to worry about it again (until the next one lol).

    Yes, a 3Mb connection will help out a bit (I only get 5Mb) but in all honesty patience is a virtue and we all can't have super-fast broadband - if an update takes 15 minutes on a 3Mb internet connection then that's the way it has to be.
  4. Honestly, I can attest to the fact you should be fine on 1.5. I used to play PS3 online on a 1 mb cable connection. Main thing you want to keep in mind, if he is going to play online then ping is more important, how fast your pc will allow you to respond to other pc's, not the bandwidth, ie the amount of data you can actually pull.
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