Betel Nuts back!

Just to inform everyone who has seen the Betel nuts perform 5wu/day the past week, those days are over!
I just came back from CeBIT, noting that my internet connection was down from the day after I left (eight days ago), and my cache wasn't big enough for that long time so we lost serious amount of units... :(
Also my second Celeron PC burned up... and my notebook was with me in CeBIT so I only had three PCs running (but not sending units).
Another of our members (we are three) has been aborad as well, hopefully he has cached units...

Anyway we are back and PeteB shouldn't be the top performer much longer...
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  1. Glad you are back - I can only do so much for the team on my own you know ;o)

    My average might slip somewhat since I have had a few problems with my 'farm' too. Caught most of them though and we are back on track now. I also have my new Athlon turning out 5+ WUs/day to add to my average - it's amazing what a 1.6Ghz processor will do. I guess it'd be faster if I'd gone for the DDR, but I'm waiting for AMD SMP before I go there....

    Like I said - good to see you back again, let's get some healthy competition going and get THG team up where it belongs...!


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  2. 1.6cpu tell me how and the specs for that system! Looking to up grade my cpu from 700@850 t-bird. Also what is the avg that the 1.6 can do?

  3. System Spec:

    AMD Athlon 'AXIA' 1.333GhzC 266FSB
    Asus A7V133 1004 BIOS, Win2K SP1, full patch, VIA 4 in 1 4.29
    768MB RAM (3 x 256MB PC133CL2)
    Swiftech 370-D w. thermal paste. (yes, just aircooled)
    Coolermaster ATC201 case.
    Hercules GeforceUltraPro64 TV/DVI Detonator 11.01
    Generic 10/100 NIC
    SB Live! Value

    Running at 11x 142FSB 1.85V gives me 1563Mhz

    Temps 46-48 degrees load (seti after 48hrs)

    Sandra stats,

    CPU 4339/2141
    MM CPU 8815/9739
    MEM 582/662

    3DMARK2000 - 9499
    3DMARK2001 - 4305

    Seti work unit averaging about 4.5 - 4.7 hours

    This is a rock steady system, although others have got their FSB up to 148 (which is wwhat I run my PIII at). I'm eliminating everything systematically to try and get higher, but this is rock steady and reasonably sift...


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  4. Yay... are we still competeing to get to top 200 clubs? do we get something special for that? anyways :)

    Yeah Im curios as to what you guys would recommend.. i think my system is a little slow for its speed.

    I have a t-bird 750 @ 825 mhz. My memory is only pc100 96 megabytes.. but i ordered a cas 2 7 nanosecond pc 133 128 megabyte module 2 days ago. So im thinking that MIGHT increase my performance.. But currently Im only getting about 10-11 hour work units.. IM using Setidriver and setispy. I have windows 2000. I cant think of anything else pertinent... I cant do much with only 1 machien, but i could increase to 3 units a day versus 2. So that would definetly help the team i think :) . IN anycase, tell me what you guys think I could do.. (p.s. the setiDriver priortiy is set on LOW)

  5. yeah we are check out the bottom chart on my page :)

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  6. Hi,

    Well, you've got a good base system there. That AMD should put more out than my PIII running at 815Mhz, although I have mine up to 148FSB which is pretty seti condusive.

    Obviously CPU power has a lot to do with seti, but I've read that memory and cache performace are equally as important. The chunks of data that get processed are larger than the cache on an AMD or PIII so the system needs to do a lot of memory read/writes. In the scheme of things, this is slow. Increasing your memory bandwidth is a great thing.

    What mobo are you using? Unless your mobo is a KT133A (133/266FSB) type you'll not be able to utilise that PC133 as well as you could be. Check out your mobo and then see if you'll get there okay - I know the ASUS is okay for this - basically you want a totally jumpered or totally jumperless board. Setting the FSB higher with a jumper (and dropping the multiplier using BIOS) often wil not work. When booting the chip will run the first few seconds at default multiplier until BIOS is loaded, but the FSB is set from power on...

    Let's say you have a system you want to get to 1GHz. Your 850Mhz AMD would do that with a multiplier of 10 on a 100FSB. Now, if you drop the multiplier to 7.5 and set the FSB to 133, you have a 1000Mhz cpu again, but at a 33% increase to memory performance. BUT - if your FSB is set by a jumper and your multiplier is set in BIOS, your system will actually run for the first few moments at 133FSBand default multiplier (1130Mhz) which will usually be enough to prevent an 850CPU POSTing. Setting speeds all at jumper or all in BIOS get round this problem.

    Anyway, with a bit of work you should get your times down. The CAS2 memory will really help, and upgrading from 96MB (I haven't heard of anyone running Win2K less than 128MB) will be important.

    Oh yes - you are running the command line version, and not setting any screensaver - right? The command line is good for about 10% increase, and running any sort of a screensaver will eat cpu cycles, especially the really nice ones :o(.

    Good luck,


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  7. First of all Win 2K has good memory management so your off to a good start there along with running seti driver. I always keep the hd's defragged, I run a defrag a couple of times a week.
    Turn setidrivers priority to medium. This should give you a little more priority, just dont put it on high as it will max out your system.

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  8. Thanks MUCH for your help. I have the asus A7V i think it has kt133 on it. I figured it would be good to get more memory.. thats why im lookin forward to getting it... now is the waiting period. hehehe . 3-4 business days... ordered on friday... LOL ... tick tock =)

    Anyways, thanks for your input i was worried there was something i was missing =)

    thanx =) .. i have a friend who has a pIII 800, with pc 800 rdram. if he lets me put seti on that machine my wu's will really increase =)

  9. I'm looking to upgrade my 700@850 on abit kt7-raid.
    Where did you order your motherboard at? I'd like to get the abit kt7a-raid board and AMD Athlon 'AXIA' 1.333GhzC 266FSB.

  10. Well, may not be much use to you but I got my A7V133 at T-Zone in Tokyo. Coundn't find anyone in the States to ship it, at least not for less than $150 all in.

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  11. I got My CPU/Motherboard at ""

    Sometimes their cheap, and some of the stuff their expensive, my experience though is that they have good CPU and motherboard prices. Dont use it for memory or video cards and the like though =)

  12. I find Tokyo to be very expensive on motherboards, but USD150 is not a bad price.
    I got a T-Zone Taiwan gold card (gives me 10% discount in Taiwan) and it works in Japan (after long persuasion claiming it's a worldwide card...) with 5% as well!
    I picked up two MSI K7T Turbo boards recently for 110USD/each, these boards supports "grandma-overclocking" so I don't need to waste too much time. Also they support BIOS upgrade over the Internet, which is very convenient since I don't have any FDD in my house.
  13. Yeah I thought it was okay - I was seeing the board around the $140 mark in the US mostly. Of course the YEN binning against the dollar helped 'lower' the cost for comparison purposes. ;o)

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  14. Would be good but they don't ship international, which ain't a lot of good for me unfortunately...

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