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720p games on 1080p monitor, smaller screen = better picture quality?

Hello, I currently have a Asus (VH236H) 23" 1080p 2ms monitor which I use for my ps3, I realized most of the console games are native 720p and they get upscaled when playing in a 1080p display. When I play Uncharted 2, I notice some zigzag lines around many things specially leaf or grasses. My question is if I get a 19" only 720p supported monitor, will the picture quality look better because there wont be upscaling or due to the smaller display?
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    The answer is "maybe". It all depends on the game and the display. Some do a better job of scaling to different resoutions than others. The jagged lines could be coming from a lack of anti-aliasing as well as upconvertion. I would not recommend you spend money on a different monitor to test things unless you have enough that a failed test won't hurt you.
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