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I'm confused with router and modem faqs.

-I have my Xbox360 downstairs from my (modem ?- plugged in Verizon box from the wall to my computer) Its got wireless but I cant get my xbox360 to connect, Ive tried all the setting changes. I'm over it. Im moving on..

-So I decided Downstairs I'll buy a phone line, since all phone lines have my internet running through them, and buy a router? modem? Will any modem do? What should I look for?

-Thats where I'm unsure what to get to hook from the phone outlet to my xbox360 Ethernet port in the back..
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  1. Try a wireless adapter on the xbox360 or a wireless gaming bridge (connect to the 360 via ethernet port once configured to your wireless settings.) if you have a wireless router as a part of your verizon equipment.
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