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Hey all, need some help in finding the best 5.1 headset that connects optically to my pc. I do have a sound card so getting a USB headset is less desirable, but I would be willing if the sound was phenomenal. I recently bought the tritton pros after MUCH research and had some problems with it. I liked how it coneccted optically for the TRuE 5.1 surround. Build, setup, most everything was satisfactory except for the....sound. These cans sound like ass. Thin and boxy and lifeless. I felt like I was in a tunnel. You would think for 183 after tax they would be worth the money. Returned em. Got the logitech g930s next and am not as impressed with the surround effect but the sound is way better than triton. My beef with g930s is the bass is weak!!!!! Fallout 3 with the bass near low distorts the speaker on vats. Bummer. Guess I'm spoiled as I compared every headset with my faithful sennheiser 212 pros which destroy both of these headsets yet are more music cans and are not 5.1. :sol: worst case I'll just stick with my senns but I would really like to get the 5.1 immersion. Any help?..... Big bass is a priority
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  1. So you got something like these? - (the reviews are v good)
    I never even knew you could use an optical jack for your headphones, cool!
    So you say you have tried the Tritton model, how about -
    Thats a lot of money for a headset tho, I think I will stick with my medusa 5.1 headset for now hehe.
  2. I've got an old set of Tritton's, the AX 360, and I have to agree with you on the sound quality. When I'm using headsets, tho, I'm looking for the directionality of 5.1 without the footprint of a while system and I'm less concerned about the quality of the sound. They've helped my FPS gaming especially on my Xbox 360, and saved my marriage since the wife doesn't have to endure the rat-a-tat-tat-BOOMS. On occaision I've had teammates lined up behind me while I listened to where the enemies were and zeroed them in for the kill. In short, I think you give up a lot by going with headphones in general. Sorry to hear about your experience, but perhaps you need to reset your expectations. I'm eager to follow this thread though. If you come across somethign better than the Trittons, I'd love to upgrade myself.
  3. I am buying a new surround headphone setup in 2 weeks. After EXTENSIVE research, here is what I've gathered:

    Headsets suck. The mic always comes at the expense of sound quality. So, from my research, the absolute best headphones you can get, ata great price too, are the Sennheiser HD595's. They are ~$150. Sound quality for games/music/movies is superb, and they were built for marathon gaming sessions.

    Now if you want surround, you'll need some sort of amp to drive the phones. My choice is the Astro Mixamp(~$150). It will make the sound in your phones much better, and adds headphone surround, which from the reviews, is phenomenal on a pair of HD595's. Aside from amping your phones and providing 5.1 surround, the Mixamp also has a mic port so you can add your own mic, and it has easy connectivity to 360 and PS3.

    The Sennheiser HD595 and the Astro Mixamp(~$300 total) seem to be the best bang for your buck on the market. Can't wait until my tax check gets here! Good luck with your choice.
  4. Isn't that simulated 5.1 though? The experience that I've had is that the directionality of multiple drivers in each can is way better than the simulated directionality provided by, essentially, software feeding a headset. Got any links or documentation to refute that analysis?
  5. thewanderer14 said:
    Isn't that simulated 5.1 though? The experience that I've had is that the directionality of multiple drivers in each can is way better than the simulated directionality provided by, essentially, software feeding a headset. Got any links or documentation to refute that analysis?

    From what I've read the 5.1 surround IS simulated. However, due to the excellent sound stage of the HD595's, the accuracy of surround is extremely accurate. In fact, this combo is the choice of quite a lot of audiophiles(who only have ~$300 to spend!).
  6. Hm. Well, something to consider next time I have $300. Of course, the whole computer I'm sitting on was on.y $460, so... :) Thanks!
  7. Thx for all the replies. So far the g930s are growing on me. The simulated surround effect is enjoyable enough where I'm happy with it. My quest will continue to find the best. Sure wish sennheisers were stocked in retail stores so I could try em out. I definitely appreciate your take on resetting my expectations on a 5.1 headset to not sound like a great pair of music headphones. I still think they should not sacrifice sound quality but...different strokes eh? The footprint the logitech uses is so small in the back ground I have not noticed an effect in game performance. I tried the turtle beach in best buy and was not impressed.
  8. if your gonna go for multi speaker headsets your always gonna come away disappointed mostly with the bass as there designed for gaming not audiophiles as a general rule.
    every headset i have had has been a compromise in some way whether it be in the bass or hi tweeter the 595's are good but i found the middle a little weak so settled for the g930 as the bass is ok but not essential to me.
    i think the best idea if you want great sound is forget gaming gear all together and go for good hifi cans. they will cost about 30 percent less than gaming gear of the same quality and you can always attach a mic if you need to.
  9. Guys you pursue is too high timbre for th sound. As long as I can hear the computer voice will done. Not too good timbre, surround IS what 5.1 simulated I don't understand
  10. I know this thread is a bit old, but I came across in on Google searching for any new updates on PC headsets best with Astro Mixamp.

    I decided to add my two cents to hopefully relieve some questions that may persist. The gentleman who mentioned the 595s was absolutely correct. 595s were the headset of choice for a long time at MLG to go with the Astro Mixamp. They also were the next bang for the buck. Getting something better would cost you $400+ and you would need a second power source to get the true power.

    Although, the 595s use the same drivers as the new PC360s. The PC360s are basically the gaming version of the 595s providing and EXCELLENT mic with noise cancellation and also rated one of the most comfortable headsets on the market. It is said that the PC360s are the best for PC gaming before going with something like the K702s or higher priced Seinheiser headphones. If you want to multi-task your headset, I would go with the 595s and get a cheap throat mic. A throat mic can be real cheap but excellent quality and you don't have to worry about that annoying mic when listening on your iPod or something. Unfortunately, Seinheiser's biggest flaw with the PC360 and nearly it's only flaw is the fact that it does not have a detachable mic. The throat mic is a good work around.

    As for the comments about 5.1 being better than virtual stereo (Good stereo headphones with a mixamp powering its), is not true. 5.1, 7.1 and all the other surround sound phrases companies use to advertise their headphones is all gimmick. Anyone who knows audio will say the same thing. You can't jam 5 - 7 speaker driver in a small headphone and expect it to give you the range having speakers spread out around the room will give you. The best is virtual stereo. It is said that virtual stereo is actually BETTER than have a true surround system step up.

    Now, the reason I am searching for a better PC headset to go with my Astro Mixamp is because I do not like the fact that the PC360s are a closed can. I like open canned headphones. I feel it gives me a larger sound stage to hear what is going on, let's me hear myself better when I speak in vent among other things. Now, the closed cans might be great for someone looking for complete immersion since it does a great job of drowning out the room and can also help with attention issues during league play. I personally may still go with the headset.

    All this information I have found with EXTENSIVE research. Like, I am talking obsession research. The above gentelman doing the same and coming up with similar information is just more proof about this.

    Notes: Turtle Beaches old model headphones (I forget version) used to be the end all be all best headset with Astro Mixamp. Until the 595s became the big choice. But a big reason why the 595s were taken up was because those Turtle Beaches became discontinued. Also, be careful about what reviews you read, especially ones from companies like IGN or even comments on retail sites. Sites like IGN are paid off to write good reviews sometimes and consumers on retail sites are usually not knowledgeable about audio and have nothing to compare the phones too. The euphoria of spending $250 and receiving a new pair of headphones usually excites people and they write good reviews. Audio is a tricky topic to review and the best reviews will come from MLG gamers and audio website that specialize in breaking down all this. For example: everyone know the G35s from Logitech SUCK. (I own a pair too) But for some reason, they get praised and also labeled as top HPs on a lot of reviews via sites like IGN. Any company rating those headphones top PC headset should be closed from your browser immediately. No best PC headset will be USB because most top of the line PC headsets will need a mixamp like Astro's to give it full potential.

    I am going to continue my search and I will post here, or possibly start a new thread with what I find. Talk to you all soon and I hope this helps.
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