Abit Kt7 rebooting by itself ?

My friend has a abit kt7 board and it's rebooting by itself sometimes..

Would like to know if anyone has any idea what it might be ?

He has the latest Raid controller drivers
Detonator 3 for his Geforce 2 gts ( Asus 7700 )
latest driver for Sound Blaster live
Latest 4 in 1 driver from Via..

Latest Bios revision for the board..
Power supply is a good 300 W ( Amd recommended and the like )..

The only doubt I might have is the memory..

Seems like he has NEC memory.. and I'm not sure if it'S convenient to put this in an ABIT board...

any idea would help Thanks ?
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  1. Usually two things..

    RAM is bad..
    mainboard is bad..
  2. Is he overclocking the CPU? If so, up the voltage a hair. Could possilby be a hardware realted issue. In the BIOS, load setup/optimized defaults and run the thing to check for reboots, just incase something was changed in the BIOS that the PC is complaining about and rebooting.
  3. I don't have any personal experience with this, but I heard on a radio computer show yesterday that same issue. They recomended checking the power supply. Remember that not all powersupplies are the same. The cheap ones might not even deliver what they promise.
  4. The other solution was checking to see if you could restart the computer by tapping the motherboard with the eraser on the back of a pencil. In that case try reseating the motherboard, or you might have a bad one.
  5. Is he running win2k? This os has an auto reboot feature if the system becomes unstable or crashes the os does a reboot.

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