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PC Games Crashing

Hello, all.

I ask for some help regarding every game I play crashing to the desktop or freezing up. I believe it started soon after I upgraded from a GTX 260 to a GTX 480. No matter what game I play, it will randomly crash or freeze. All of my games are steam games. Sometimes I can play for a couple hours before it craps on me and sometime a few minutes. I'm just kinda getting sick of it. My video card won't even reach 70 degrees celcius when the GPU is maxed. I wouldn't think thats too hot. Tried two different brands of RAM. Have them both in now. (Might as well have 12 gigs if I bought it.) They are identical except for the brand name. Already replaced a crap Hard drive. I won't dicount the possibilty that I have a virus. But this problem has been going on for months and multiple anti malware, spyware, virus software hasn't found anything. While playing Steam games I don't have any antiviruses opened at all. I went to msconfig and turned off all the non microsoft related services aside for nvidia drivers. I can only guess it might have something to do with my card. I'm playing more games now then when I first got it so I think the problem seems more apparent. Hopefully not a virus. I used CCleaner for files and the registry as well as another registry fixer. I don't know what else to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to format my drive for no reason.


My System: (No Overclocking)
Corsair 750W PSU
EVGA X58 SLI LE Motherboard
12G RAM OCZ Gold and Crucial Ballistics Tracer
WD Caviar Black HDD 500G
Intel I7 920
GTX 480
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  1. have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
  2. Yes everything is updated. Even my BIOS. Though I don't know if that would do anything.
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    do you have any games that are on a disc ? if you do, try them. did you try and uninstall and reinstall steam ? did you remove and reapply thermal grease to your processor ? how is the airflow ? you have a hot mother board and processor.
  4. My processor won't go higher than 33 celcius. Right now its 21. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling steam. My case is old and may not be setup for the best airflow but I got ridiculously loud fans that move a lot of air through my case.I played for a couple hours last night with no crash though it seemed it almost did. I have a couple games on disc I suppose I could try that. I don't like the idea of most my games being steam and that may possibly be the problem. I reinstalled my drivers again to make sure it installed properly. I'll have to spend more time playing and see if it crashes again. Which it probably will. Thanks everyone for the help. I just need to find the time now to try some things out.
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