Cant play Plants vs Zombies, Angry birds on Windows 7 64 bit

I have Dell XPS 15 .

Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
GT 435M 2 gb
1980 x 1020 res

I cant play plants vs zombies and Angry birds at all in my laptop. When I double click, it goes to intro screen and comes back to Desktop as if i am pressing Alt+Tab . Its very frustrating. I can play Burnout paradise , Dirt 2, GTA IV all with high settings ( except GTA IV, in medium ).. I could not get any solution and this problem seems to be bizzare, as high end games play well and low end dont...
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  1. I will offer very off the shelf advice saying to try and install graphics card latest drivers if not for everything and also try and see behaviour if you lower desktop resolution... Also if you got latest gfx drivers try a reinstallation...

    Problem seems very strange indeed!
  2. where have you downloaded them from? are they flash or java based? try updating your flash and java.
  3. Well, the culprit seems to be Kaspersky Internet Security... A slight configuration in that and the problem went away... Strange, anti viruses have these behaviours. A year ago AVG had sever problem( same kind ) blocking almost any game you play at and it will switch to desktop.
  4. ahh... It confused it with a buffer overflow attack I guess, that happens with me and comodo firewall. It's weird that gta, dirt 2, and the other high end games didn't trip that hmmm....
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