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Hi, I have a friend who wants to build a budget PC gaming PC for Flight simulator X by MSFT.
Apparently (according to him), flight Simulator X is a very demanding game, so is not sure what is the minimum build he will need, to play without stutters (that is, 40-50 fps). I normally play FPS, so I really don't know the answer to this, so would appreciate if anyone has an answer to this.
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  1. I'm using a rig with a Q8400 processor and an NVidia GTX460. It plays FSX very well.

    If your friend hasn't yet bought FSX he might like to also check out X-Plane. The graphics are, if anything, better than FSX (it comes with 60GB of scenery files) and the flight model is better (they make a version that is certified as a training aid for pilots).
  2. I've used MSFX on a 2005 AMD laptop at medium/high settings using an external monitor. My current AMD Phenom II X2 systems both work very well at ultra high settings. An AMD system with a Phenom II X2 CPU can easily be built for under $500. (See my specs. for first build in my profile.)
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