How can I increase my fraps?

I am experiencing Lag in BFBC2...

can someone tell me what will i upgrade for my pc for gaming with a minimum budget

Processor: intel 3.4 ghz dual core
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Motherboard: asus P5L-MX\
OS- W7 32 bit
direct x11
NVIDIA geforce 9500GT 1777 MB
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  1. I would upgrade the graphics card first; the 9500 is not powerful enough for newer games. Look here for suggestions:,review-32094.html
  2. so if i upgrade my video card... will i have a good fraps?

    I'm planning to buy 1gb RAM so that I will have a 3gb RAM. Will it help in having a good fraps?
  3. Lol. good fraps? :na:
  4. Sorry I really don't know the Tech Terms.
    I don't have a wide knowledge about computers.
  5. Video card first. The RAM will not make much difference at this point.
  6. okay thanks..
    Radeon HD 5770- Is this a decent video card?
    I want to buy a decent video card that will not cost more than $100 and can play the latest games like crysis,Blackops and BFBC2.
  7. See the link I provided above. But yes, the 5770 is a very good card. You won't be able to max everything out, but it will be a big improvement over the 9500.
  8. ^^ definitely, as herrkoos suggested gpu upgrade.. For even better perf, better cpu/ more ram.. Btw, its to increase the fps[frames per second] fraps on the other hand, is a program to monitor fps/record gameplay..
  9. FYI:

    FRAPS = Program that allows you to capture gameplay.
  10. oh okay thanks alot for the info guys.. :)
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