C++ redistributables

I have multiple installations of different versions of c++ they are as follows

C++ 2005 ATL Update
C++ 2005 Redistributable
C++ 2008 Redistributable x64
C++ 2008 Redistributable x86
C++ 2010 beta1 x64
C++ 2010 beta1 x86

Can I remove any of these updates for example everything prior to 2010 would make sense to me.

Which of the above can i safely remove?

Also is .net framework client profile 4 really necessary?

I'm on Windows 7 x64
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  1. If all your software its working fine (in my opinion) its better not mess on the redist libraries.

    Those are libraries used by your applications, the problem its some will need/use older ones and others use the new ones. In Fact in case you really wanna remove some makes more sense to remove the new ones (for try not break older applications).

    If you still wanna do it, do first a system restore point so can go back in case the results are not the desired ones.
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