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GRID... A little much??

Hey folks. So let me start by saying I am fully aware this game is by no means new but I just gotta say that this game is hard as hell. I mean i like a challenge,I am a big fan of driving games and have played almost all of them and currently play alot of forza without assists and do farely well at it....But GRID?? I mean c'mon I can barley compete on the lowest difficulty with all assists on.I'm on basic difficulty in the early levels and I'v got guys nosing under in corners trying to spin me out, Really?? on basic?? Anyone else think GRID is way harder than it needs to be ?
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  1. I got it as a gift from my GF in a racing game pack, DiRT-Grid-FUEL. I have only played Grid since im pre=occupied with L4D2 nd BC2 but i find it MUCH easier with the 360 controller for PC. It is a really hard game but you get used to timing you turns (you really have to let go of the accelerator a bit before the turn, then accelerate to stop spinning out). Plus with the 360 controller the pressure on the button determines speed, unlike computer keys where its either on or off.
  2. Controller will help out a lot honestly.
  3. Thanks guys, yeah i should be a little more specific. I am using a rumble pad 2, nothing special but it works. Yeah its not controlling the car that i find difficult it just seems that even on basic the competition is like an R3 class race in forza. I'm slowly making my way through the game but im having to click "Restart" alot more than I'm used to lol.
  4. Yeah is GRID rumplepad 2 compatible or did you use the Xbox emulation?
  5. Not totally sure to be honest. It will control the car in race but i cant navigate any menus with the controller, Idk if this is normal or not.and no emulation or programs just the drivers for the controller.
  6. Cool. Check this site if you ever need help getting that controller to work in games properly :) It will show you how to do the emulation(basically just add 3 files to the game folder)
  7. If you think Grid is difficult, wait till you play NFS:Shift :D

    Grid is quite arcadish and very playable with a controller (I used the Xbox360 controller for the PC) unlike Shift which definitely needs a wheel. It took me a while to tweak the sensitivity settings until I was perfectly comfortable with the handling. Grid's cars have hair-trigger responses so adjust accordingly. Also, brake early into the corners.

    The AI can be a bit nasty, but is still far better than the psychotic rubberband AI in Shift. The key is to get far ahead of them so that they can't bother you, otherwise just nudge them off the track :D

    Seriously though, Grid is an excellent and fun racing game. :)
  8. Test drive unlimited 2 FTW !!! :D
    Best game in the world related to cars..
    The rest sucks
  9. lol yeah i can't wait for test drive unlimited 2 to come out. I think like 3 weeks isnt it?
  10. Yeah feb.8 i think, will my 360 wheel and pedals work with it ?
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    not sure maybe. plug it in to the computer and see if it loads any drivers. if not then your screwed. I got the Logitech Dual Action controller so hopefully the 360 emulation controller patch works on it
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