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Ps3 green screen

I wonder if anyone has encountered this problem: My PS3, about 1 1/2 years old, suddenly has lost the rich, bright and clear graphics it used to have. This is not just on the XMB screen - I'm already aware of how the colors change there w/the time of year, and time of day, etc. I am NOT talking about this problem. I have a very green screen on all the games I try to play. Some are worse than others.
For example, Black Ops zombies is coming in so bad, I can't see where the wall meets the floor, its all green and hazy. Gone are the bright, rich colors. Now everything blends together in a green haze. It's unplayable! Before you say its the tv, let me add that the tv channels come in fine. Also, let me add, I have just bought new cables, no change. I have googled it and find that a lot of the problems are due to the cables. This is not my issue. Could it be something w/the internal graphics on the PS3 itself? And does anyone know where to fix this (besides Sony, of course, who charge, in my mind, way too much and make you wait far too long)? Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated....
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    is it like a tint?
    i have had a ps3 for 3 1/2 years ive never heard of this. check it on another tv set if it persists it has to be the ps3 and sadly i would say the only fix would be to send it in to sony
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  3. Thanks for the response! I made the mistake of only trying the other inputs on my tv, assuming of course, that if it was an input problem, the other inputs would be working, since we had not used them. Since there was no change, I assumed it was the ps3. I did, finally, hook it up to another tv, and to my amazement, it was fine! So, it seems that all the inputs on my original tv are failing......Ahhh, time to get a new tv!
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