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I recently got my computer repaired and when it came back the only 2 fullscreen games I have aren't working. Ok so I tried to start Warcraft 3 (I'm a dota player, see) and a textbox came up saying that I needed to install DirectX 8.1 or higher, because I "don't have it" and that it's on the disk. I went to the Microsoft page and downloaded DirectX 9.0c and installed it but it still didn't work so I stuck in the cd, which consequently told me that a version more current than 8.1 was installed.
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  1. Which operating system? And what exactly did they "repair" on your PC?
  2. It's windows xp and they pretty much just ran an antivirus, got rid of some viruses. I did think that maybe they had made a mistake and deleted some of the directx stuff but the fresh install should have fixed that right?
  3. Firstly, grab yourself a proper antivirus. I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials; it's free, never bugs you, and works on XP as well.

    Have you tried re-installing WarCraft and DOTA?
  4. Run dxdiag and it will tell you if its corrupt.
  5. Ok well I have NOD antivirus and it can't find anything wrong with my computer, Warcraft isn't actually installed so I can't re-install it. dxdiag on the other hand, says that my 3D isn't working but i've already downloaded the newest driver 93.71 i think it was.
  6. OK, this is getting confusing. Please list your complete system specifications: CPU, mobo, RAM, Video card, etc. What is the exact error given by DXDiag?

    Also, does DOTA work without WC3 actually being installed?
  7. 2.6Ghz pentium 4 processor, 1gb RAM, GeForce 4200 Ti video card and a P4PE ASUSTeK. Do you need anything else?
    The error is "Direct3D functionality not available. You should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer."
    And Dota is a map, so it working without WC3 would be like a map on COD or something working without the actual program.
  8. Right, now I'm even more confused. You say that you can't launch WC3 because of the DirectX error, but then you say, and I quote:

    "Warcraft isn't actually installed so I can't re-install it"

    Please explain?
  9. well I don't need the cd or an actual installation to play, so i just copied the files from my other computer to the current one and it normally plays fine when I run the .exe
  10. So it's a pirate copy then?
  11. No. I bought it and installed it one computer but that one broke and since you can't reuse the CD key and I've actually bought the game, I see no reason why I can't just transfer the game to my new computer.
  12. OK, lets clear a few things up:

    1) You cannot copy a game from one computer to the next and expect it to work. It has to be re-installed.
    2) Your key can be used again, just not on multiple computers at the same time. If you still have your CD key, use your WC3 disc and re-install it. It should work fine.
  13. But it's worked for the past year so why would it suddenly play up like this? And is anything actually wrong with my DirectX 3d?
  14. Try reinstalling the game anyway. If that doesn't work, ask the guys at the shop what they did to break your PC instead of fixing it.
  15. Mmm... OK, I might have worded that incorrectly. I meant that there are certain usage restrictions. You can't for instance play multi player with two instances of the same game at the same time.
  16. yes i can.
    Starcraft 1 btw
  17. *Sigh* Yeesss, back in the day when they still let you install spawn games. I'm referring to more recent games.
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