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I'm pretty sure this isn't piracy, so I thought I'd give this place a shot. I bought the physical hard copy of Civilization iii Complete for my new netbook, but the netbook doesn't have a cd drive. So I downloaded daemon tools lite on it, and have been using Alcohol 120% to burn cd images over to it. It's worked fine for a number of games.

Anyways, I burned all three of civs discs, transferred them over to the netbook, and installed the game without a hitch. When I startup the game, I get Civ's menu pop-up with the option to "play, exit, or look at the readme." When I click "play," a loading icon appears, but it then crashes with a message that says something about failing to authenticate the disc. After a little googling, I guess this is a pretty common problem with the game's safety features, and the publisher at one point (maybe 5 years ago) was sending a no cd crack patch to affected customers.

Well, I really want to play the game on the netbook and was wondering if anyone had any advice.

Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. If you've legitimately purchased the game, head over to Moderator deletion to get your no cd patch for the game.

    If this violates TH's ToS agreements, I sincerely apologize and request that you remove this information immediately. Given the fact that he claims to have purchased the software, I provided this link, which, to my knowledge, is a site containing legal no cd patches to games.
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a try...
    I only see patches for civ iii gold. Are these downloads even verified to be safe?

    I may try contacting publisher or developer, even though I think one of which was bought out a couple years ago. This is getting tough but I really want it to work.
  3. The problem here is that not only do we have no way of verifying the OP's claim that they have the original discs but it's also helping out those who have pirated the game but don't know how to get it working and it is a violation of the ToS as I have read it.
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