I was building a KT7 RAID / Duron system last night and ran into problems trying to install the OS. The system appears to boot fine (even at 1050MHz) but when it gets to the Verifying DMI pool.... it starts to read my boot floppy and then hangs. I am pretty sure the floppy is connected properly and I used that boot disk the previous night on another computer. Could this have anything to do with the RAID controller? I moved all the disks to the standard IDE controllers and disabled the RAID with no luck. Still hangs at verifying DMI pool. Sometimes it says non system disk boot error, but then by rebooting it justs hangs. I can only figure it is a bad floppy or boot disk. Any ideas?

Duron 750@750 (for now)
256meg RAM
IBM 30gig
Asus Geforce MX
Sound Blaster Live
Plextor 8x4x32 CDRW
10gig Fujitsu HD

"Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
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  1. When I put my harddrive on my Raid controller, it would not load, like what you get, it would access the floppy to check for a boot disk, the it would just stop responding. I found this due to the access method that the raid controller was using to access my hdd (it was set to MW-DMA2 in the RAID bios instead of UDMA2, it's the first gen Maxtor 10gig 7200RPM drive, and I guess MW-DMA is used on older DMA drives, but didn't work properly.. time for a new drive I guess! :) I also reproduced this problem on the VIA controller by changing the access mode from "Auto" to the "CHS" (because CHS mode matched the HDD specs for my drive) It would do the same thing. Get to the boot stage, check the floppy... then stop.. so I set it back to "Auto" and it worked fine again. Hope this gives you some idears to check out :)

    Ps... try resetting the configuration data.. in the "PCI setup" in the BIOS, see if that helps

    Duron 650@848 (113*7.5)
    256mb Crucial PC133 CAS2 @150mhz CAS2
    Abit KT7-RAID mobo
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