Hdmi to dvi for xbox 360 no sound

can anyone help, i am trying to conect my xbox 360 to a tv with a dvi socket. i have cut off the plastic bit from the vga lead so i can put in both vga and hdmi in at the same time. on the tv, i have the dvi and red/white leads connected. i have a perfect hd picture and perfect sound, problem is they come through on different channels, i cant get them to work together. please help.
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  1. wat do u mean exactly by coming out on differnet channels?
  2. dvi is video input only, the red/white cables sockets are probably for a composite connection.

    Long answer short you need the dvi cable connected to the tv and the red/white ones connected to an amp.
  3. MEgamer said:
    wat do u mean exactly by coming out on differnet channels?

    when both leads are plugged in, I flick through the channels with the tv remote, the picture is on the pc channel (where the dvi is plugged in), the audio comes though the av channel (where the scart with red/white phonos is plugged in) so i can only watch with no sound because the two wont work together on the same channel.
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