Exceeding system requirements....still lags

I recently built a pc and though my rig greatly exceeds system requirements for many games it lags.
for instance:
bioshock 2
battlfield:bad company 2
starcraft 2
even games like-
& company of heroes.

I played mass effect 2 and there were no problems, but most other games to experience problems despite having better than recommended hardware.

nvidia 9800gt 1GB
intel i5 750-lynnfield
4gb ddr3 ram
1tb samsung 7,200
MSI MS-7638
windows 7 ultimate 64
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  1. whoops meant to include the windows 7 in the specs not the games....
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  2. Power supply?
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  3. What about drivers are they up to date??
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  4. what settings are you using and what resolution?
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  5. When you say lag, do you mean the framrate suddenly drops from 50-60 to around 30? Unless it goes to 5-15 suddenly and stays that way for a few seconds it may just be common.
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  6. 700w ocz stealth extreme
    I should be able to run some of these at their highest settings. but even when i've gone down to medium and even low settings i still get a good deal of lag
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  7. Try using different drivers.
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  8. trash the junk video card. the days of COD4 type games are over.
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  9. Check for latest gpu driver, also a gpu upgrade might be necessary.
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  10. swifty_morgan said:
    trash the junk video card. the days of COD4 type games are over.

    hey, that is the video card that I have: I wouldnt call it junk (LOL). However, I have only an E4500 CPU at stock and run at 1440x900, so the video card is a good match for the system.

    However, the OP should definitely get a better video card to go with his cpu. Maybe something like a GTX460 1gb or Radeon HD 6870.
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  11. His video card is not the problem. I have the same issue, but my GPU doesn't even heat up when I play some games like Bad Company 2 and Black Ops. Crysis and Crysis 2 run smoothly on extreme settings, but the games with terrible graphics run like sh*t. MW2 runs smoothly, Halo 2 lags even though it is outdated, and my rig GREATLY exceeds the recommended system requirements for every game.
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  12. I'm having the same issue. My PC exceeds recommended specs and games lag...even the computer lags every now and then. Ive got an AMD Athalon II 640 quad-core, 8g RAM and an inboard Radeon HD4200.

    Ive checked the drivers, they're all up to date and I'm running Windows 10.
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