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Processors in Console

I wonder what processors are being used by Consoles and are they also tri, quad and hexa just like for PC?
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  1. This chart shows the console specs. The PS3's cell processor is pretty unique. You can read up on it by googling "IBM cell processor".
  2. thanks,

    I see that PS3 is having just single core.

    (2006) Cell
    1 Main Core
    512KB L2
    7 Auxiliary SIMD Units
    1.75MB Local Memory
    217.6 GFLOPS
    25.6 GB/s Memory

    I wonder how does it manage to run modern games such as GTA IV which need quad minimum ?
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    It's sort of an 8 core processor. See this for a better description.

    Wikipedia also has some good info on the cell processor.
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  5. More good reading here ...

    All 3 major consoles use this variety of CPU architecture. Gamecube was the first console to implement.
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