A7V CPU Load in 98SE

The Offense:
I seem to be getting unusually hy cpu loads even with nothing running. It hovers around 35-44%. This is with no other drivers but the default ones from the windows install. Installing all the necessary hardware drivers and OS updates does not allieviate the load, but it seems that the load goes down to normal if i keep the mouse pointer moving. If I run some games or hy load appz, it'll jump up to around 75% and hover there until reboot. Anyone else encounter this or even check to see if this problem occurs on your system? It doesn't seem to affect system performance, but i would like to know why it's loading up like that. I've used the Windows Resource Meter and VitalSign's Net.Medic to find out the cpu loads.

The Offender:
Windows 98SE
Asus A7V Bios 1005C
Duron 700Mhz
128MB Kingston PC66 SDRAM
Creative TNT2M64 32MB PCI video
Intel Pro/100+ Management NIC
SB Live! Value
Initio 9100UW Controller with 3 4.5GB Quantum Viking IIs Creative 52X IDE CDRom Drive
Mitsumi PS/2 Scroll Mouse
Generic PS/2 101 Key Keyboard
Enlight Case
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  1. I remember hearing something about that in previous BIOS revisions but I have the same revision as you and dont experience it, but i am running win2k

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  2. Mine hovers arround 20% when the system idles.
    And yes, moving the mouse arround makes it drop to about 5%
    Even refreshing internet pages makes the proccessor load drop.

    Are there many fancy things running in the background?

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  3. I am using 1005c and don't have those problems.
    ARe you using any other software? Like Norton's. Do you have any special software for your components other than the drivers?

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  4. one sure thing that you can do is to end all of the programs that are running in the background. hit ctrl+alt+del and shut down most of the stuff that you don't really need running. a famous culprit, if you have ms office installed, is findfast. then go to the start menu and run "msconfig" with the run option. with this you can stop the system from loading unnecessary crap, and hence slowing down your performance.

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  5. Um.... no appz are loaded after a fresh format. i installed no drivers. the only drivers installed where those installed by windows during the install, yet the load is still present. i've done the msconfig thing to kill anything that the default setup starts..... still the load is present.
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