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Hey there i have a Dell xps 420 pc and my Nividia GeForce 470 and a power supply of 650w and here is my pc info:

processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00gHz 2.99 GHz

Ram 3.00g 64-bit operating system

i only get 30s fps when in orgimmar when i play world of warcraft when i have grapics set to just high not the best.What could be the problem my fps is so low?Would i need to upgrade my pc?If i have to i was thinking about getting the i5 2500 how good is that?
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  1. You shouldn't need to upgrade to play WoW on ultra. How is your latency?
  2. 30 fps in a busy area is not too bad, although you should be running a bit higher than that. If 30 is the lowest you see, you may be OK. WoW added beta DX 11 support, try to set it up using that. I have seen benchmarks where DX11 gets more FPS. http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,763173/World-of-Warcraft-Cataclysm-Experimental-DirectX-11-support/Practice/
  3. i get like 142 latency but i'm not playing by were i live so i know that adds more latency is the reason i get so low fps becuase the gtx 470 is not that good?
  4. garlicbread said:
    i get like 142 latency but i'm not playing by were i live so i know that adds more latency is the reason i get so low fps becuase the gtx 470 is not that good?

    The 470 is good. Are you using the latest drivers? Around 140 ping time is not super good, but not very bad either. I don't know how to test ping vs. frame rate in a MMO, it seems like it should affect it some, but don't recall reading about any tests as to how much.
  5. Larency of 140 won't effect frame rates too much, if any. Check for an updated driver.
  6. Check out the Cataclysm benchmarks for Intel CPU scaling.


    The minimum FPS for these CPUs w/ GTX 480 dips into the 30 - 40 range at ULTRA settings.

    Even the infamous i7 980x @ 3.73 ghz paired w/ a GTX 480 still dips into the 50-60 FPS range at ULTRA settings.

    However, the fact that Intel's dual-core Core i5 at 3.73 GHz can't match the Core i7-980X with two cores enabled at 3.73 GHz makes it clear that there's more to performance in Cataclysm than frequency. The quad-core Core i7-875K nearly hits the $1000 chip's mark using four cores and 8 MB of shared L3 cache, so perhaps this is a matter of cores and cache. After all, the Core i7-875K at 2.93 GHz also beats the Core i5-655K at 3.73 GHz.

    ^ From the benchmark. I would gather that throwing more cache, cores, and frequency at WoW will benefit you over your current CPU.

    The i5-2500k would be a good step in the right direction for increasing your minimum FPS.
  7. if you were me what would you think i should do go with a i5 set up or a i7 and is the i7 would all the money it would cost for a new pc?I want to be able to have a very good pc but i don't want to kill myself with spend a *** load of money
  8. your computer is fine garlicbread. turn off background processes that are running, such as torrents, browsers, media players and such. make sure your video drivers are updated, and ensure that you don't have anti-aliasing up high in wow.
  9. I run WoW Cata on a C2D @ 2.88GHZ with a 1GB GeForce 260M on ultra with 8X multisampling and I'm averaging well over 60FPS everywhere, including crowded SW at peak hours. Yes, it's a laptop, but he should be getting better frame rates than me with his setup. I don't think that upgrades are needed in this case just to play WoW on ultra. The only setting I have dialed down a notch is shadows. I have shadows set to high instead of ultra, but this still counts as "ultra" settings on the slidebar. The C2Ds may not be current CPUs, but they are hardly outdated yet. Something has to be amiss on his system to cause this issue. The only area that my computer has his beat is I have 6GB of RAM to his 3GB, but I don't think this would cause this problem.
  10. What resolution are you running at?
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