Suggestions on Internet Gateway Routers?

I am looking to set up a NON Wireless internet gateway router. I am leaning towards the DLink DI-704P. I need a router that includes at least a 4 port switch and a print server function. Please post any suggestions you might have. Good, bad, past experiences would be very helpful.

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  1. I have that model. I am perfectly satisfied with it. I actually have the older style, which also includes the analog port. The newer one doesn't have that, but has everything else.

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  2. I have the older di-704 w\o the printer server been running fine for a year now also the packet filter at mac level allows me to control if \ when the other nodes have internet access ( kids are limited here due to chat room overuse lol) go to the forums <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A> and read up on all the major brands from users for good info

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  3. I also have good experience with DLink Router.
  4. I support the DI-704P choice. I have it connecting a cable modem and printer with two computers that sometimes uses Win98 & sometimes XP. No problem I have a laptop that came infected at the factory with ME and I have not changed that operating system. It never knew it wasn't hooked up directly to the net. All systems are set dynamicly.
    Setup & install was about a minute. Setting up the printer for XP does NOT require the printer software that comes with it. It works with my Cannon BJC-6000 just fine.
    I have yet to do the WIN98 printer sharing setup.
    I do not have computers sharing drives, files etc. Just accessing the net. It is NOT necessary to network the computers to each other. That was a plus for me.
    I have networked one drive to the other to pull over a file. Easily done. I then disabled the sharing. My point is that you can do either without difficulty.
    I did not have to do anyghing special other than set my ISP info in the router. That was easily done.
    I like the FAQ instructions on the website better than the manual. I found then clearer.

    Any questions? Look here:

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