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It was a Dark, Western themed horror game that was a bit of a point-n-click (if memory serves me..) and it was probably made in the 90's or older. The main character looked like a guy ready to kick butt and forget the name part (wore a black trench coat and big hat). Think of Dark Watch almost..

You started off at a campfire near a wagon (with 1 gun. Forgot why) and you went on down the road to a gate, and past the gate was a forest, then into a town. There was a certain scene when you had to take a nap inside a barn for some kind of hint and if you didn't barge the door, a werewolf or two came in while you slept and killed you. Also a scene involving talking to some girl in a salon in her room and if you didn't get out through the window fast enough a guy walks in and knocks you out with the the butt of his revolver and left you to die.

Its random bits of what I remember but if I saw a screenshot or something i'd probably know. Anybody understand my pieces of memory and know what i'm talking about?
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  2. Ah, thank you. After a bit of searching through the list, it ended up being a PS1 game titled "SilverLoad". Thank you :)
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