F1 2010 Frame Rate Issues

Hi, I'm having some issues with F1 2010. At 1920x1080, I'm only getting ~30 fps, no matter what settings I use, and whether I overclock my CPU or not. I've already installed patch 1.01 and the problem persists. I wouldn't think that my frame rates should be this low because I am able to run everything on Ultra with DX11 on DiRT 2 at over 50 fps.

Here are my relevant specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 OC'ed to 2.8 GHz
GTX 460 768 MB OC'ed to 825/1025 MHz
4 GB DDR2-800 RAM

I'm forced to play the game with DX9, but still I only get ~39 fps which I still think is low considering my card isn't all that bad. I've seen people with GTX 260s maxing it out at over 50 fps.

Any solutions?
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  1. Your CPU is the more likely bottleneck. F1 2010 is apparently quite CPU intensive. Comparing it to DIRT 2 is also misleading; they are entirely different games.
  2. I agree with Herr_Koos. The game is very much CPU intensive. it may require a quad core to run at 50 FPS or so while maxing it out.
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