How to fix damaged motherboard?

I damaged my ABIT BE6-II-motherboard, with a halfway installed memory (the other side was not properly pushed in to the slot).

After turning the power on nothing happened and I could smell something burning (luckily there was no flames :) .

Does anybody know which component could be damaged by doing this, or could it be anything (the processor and the memory still worked on another motherboard)?

Should get it fixed? I could just buy a new motherboard, but I'm going to wait for a while (I'm using an older motherboard and processor now).
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  1. Did you try to make it run after the accident? Does it still work or has it stopped working?

    If it doesn't work anymore, hang it from a tree and use it as target practice. If you're close enough, you may get lucky this time. :-)
  2. Yes, I've tried to turn in on again, nothing happens (why would I even bother writing here if it worked?).
  3. burning is use trying discard it and get a new one. Save the cmos chip if it is removable.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  4. You can fix it by throwing it out and buying a new one. You messed that board up real good. Contrats!!!

  5. That is correct. The eprom is salvagable and could be reprogrammed for another computer if it's compatible. I have done that in the past.
  6. If you already checked the power supply, and all the components that can be pulled out works on your other m/b (You can't telll if they still working in any other way) and you shure it is the mobo that died , try this: look close to power supplay connector, near upper left corner. There is little green [something] , in the mobo it marked F1. It is the fuze. Got the idea? If fuze ok, and mobo still dead ... you can tear all heatsinks from chipset, pull out jumpers and chips that can be pulled out, put the battery in your watch, make keyrings from PCI slots, e.t.c.
    Or just go to store where you by the board and say "I played DooM , get shot, and the screen go blank..." if you still have the warranty. But if you do so you will go to hell.

    All i can offer you is the truth. Nothing more.
  7. um... just a thought, i've turned on systems where the memory wasn't fully plugged in (oops...too hasty I guess) and all that happened was that it didn't boot. Actually, I've done this a few times..hehe

    could it be something else?
    like did you maybe fry your processor?

    is there anyway you could get some extra parts and try them in the board? like a new cpu....

    or try your cpu in another board to make sure it isn't wasted.
  8. A guy I work with screwed his motherboard directly to the case frame - i.e. no spacers. Well he booted in and it didn't work.

    So we got to talking about what he did and I really don't know how I figured out he used no spacers. I gave him the bad news that you really should use spacers or the components can short out because the case allows a short circuit to occur through the pins that are sticking out on the back of the motherboard.

    So he took the board back to where he bought it and told them it didn't work and they gave him another one - no charge, no hassle.

    So if it's not too old, you may get lucky and they'll take it back.
  9. The processor works and all the other components too including the 128 Mb memory I installed wrong.

    I've tried the processor in my older motherboard [(which doesn't support it (the voltage can't be lowered for my Celeron II 667 )] . Now I have to live with my old 333 MHz Celeron for a while...
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