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I hope this isn't too off topic. I am looking to benchmark 2 of my systems for comparison. I have a desk PC and newer laptop, and am thinking of moving all my stuff to the laptop, and getting rid of the desktop, but want to make sure that performance will be satisfing.

Where/what benchmark can you recommend? For processor/video performance many seem to use a game. Which game and is it available as just a benchmarking / test version for download, or do I need to go buy a game?

For benchmarking the rest of the system what would you recommend? Maybe something from PCMag?

Thanks for the guidance.


ps. can you recommend a place that reviews games? Or give me your suggestions here? I'm interested in person to person internet play, and don't have the time to buy a bunch of games and figure them all out just so I can compare them. I think I'd like a combination of 1st person/vehicle combat AND strategy, without a fixed mission tree. Maybe a 3D world to explore. Maybe this is actually several games? As reference, my past favorite games (been a while since I played any) have been Wing Commander's original Privateer. It was a good combat/flight sim with an economic modle and sorta adventure game with no set mission sequence. I also have enjoyed DescentII because at the time it had a very good 3D system that was very playable on my old 486. I also liked the MechWarrior I game, but it was a little too much for my then 486. I also found the canned mission sequence lacking strategy and a little boring...

any suggestions?
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  1. A lot of people use 3DMark 2000 benchmarking software and Quake III Arena. (I use the downloadable demo but I don't know if that gives the same results as the commercial version).

    You can get 3DMark 2000 at

    I think you can find Quake III arena demo at Adrenaline Vault, It's called something like quake3test. Please look on the internet for instructions for the benchmark part as my typing is not so good. is a good place for game reviews. Look for the Reviewers' Choice for a recommendation of games.
  2. If you want to benchmark system performance, download SisSoft's Sandra... it can be found at

    -MP Jesse
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