Fraps recording playthroughs.

Hi guys, I recently bought fraps and am going to start making playthrough videos, using virtualdub to encode the videos. But I have a dilemma... I have a template setup so the rendering shouldn't be a problem, but Fraps is really awkward and splits up all the video files into lots of different ones. So my only option is to open the first one and append each one over and over. This clearly is not going to work for playthroughs. So can someone recommend a free program that can join up the avi files (without loosing any quality) first before putting them into virtual dub.

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  1. Some video players have rpoblems playing files over 4gb in size, so Fraps splits them up automatically when it reaches nearly 4gb, and there's no way to avoid that as far as I'm concerned.

    Fraps can't take the time to encode the video on the fly because it would kill the performance and render the games unplayable on most PCs.
  2. I said that I DO NOT WANT to use virtualdub to join the files.... Fraps makes so many that if I recorded say... 2 hours of footage, it would take an age just to append each file and get all the files into one video. Can someone please help?
  3. There are video editors where you just have to drag all the files into it and it should join them autimatically. But there is no way to keep fraps from splitting the files.
  4. Ok then can somone reccomend me a free or cheapish good quality video editor that has the ability to import multiple videos at once.
  5. Even windows movie maker is be able to do it, if you don't mind the wmv encoding, it's in fact a very simple task.

    There's also the pinnacle video spin, which is very similar to wmm but has a wider encoding support, though I'm not sure it is 100% free.
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