Help rqest from Finland! Abit KT7Rad vs Asus A7V

Hello Everyone!!!!!

I am using a very old Asus TX type motherboard with 128 Mb 72 pin Ram and Pentium 233 MMX overclocked to 266 for 3.5 years. I have 90 Gb Hd (Maxtor 60+ Quantum 10 & 20GB). Voodoo3 2000, Sb-Live which I added in these years. Back than Tom's site was just an amateur site, thanx now we have a forum.

To cut the long story short I want an upgrade. But searching for hours, I just couln't decide if I should go for a Abit kt7 or stick with my VERY GOOD OLD Asus brand and take A7V.

1) I don't care about RAID which I won't use. considering and trusting you guys, altough I have been always a fan of Intel against AMD or Cyrix in the old days, I am going for an AMD 1.0 Ghz now. But which Motherboard??

2) I have also no intensions of overclocking since I will be content with the 1 ghz speed after a 233.

3) The only thing I want is a stable system, that won't let me down, annoy me! I have had 0.0 problems with my ASUS.

Could anyone give me a really honest answer??
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  1. I have both the a7v and the kt7 raid. The a7v wouldn't work until I got bios 1005a. the kt7 raid worked from day one.

    I wouldn't get either board today. There are better boards right now that support a higher bus speed and have ata100 support provided by the via chip, which gives you back an additional irq.

    There are many places to look:

    and many more.
  2. I believe KT133A chipset is offering best value today. See Tom's review of several just released boards. Don't buy RAID unless you need it. My ABIT KT7A Raid is very stable and fast.

    ABIT KT7A Raid; 1ghz T-bird; 256 MB CAS 2 Ram Sticks; VisionTek G-force 2 GTS 32 Mb DDR; ...<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Confounded on 01/28/01 04:08 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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