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hi guys i just recently tried out playing world of warcraft :/ and it seems really laggy even on the poor setting and only a tad more laggy on ultra i dont think my computer should have any probkem playing it on ultra could it be my internet connection ? 5mpbs through teksavvy. i get about 100 ms ping time when i have it set on poor i get 200 fps just walking but when i go to turn it lags like crazy almost somethign game breaking and it does the same thing on ultra just for a bit longer heres my specs :
asus sabertooth x58
asus gtx470
corsair DDR3 6gb of ram (3x2gb)
W.D. caviar black 6gb/s
and intel core i7 950I dotn think i should have a problem playing this game is it becasue its onlne ? or is it the server ? i play on the drakthul server or something like that ive got friends that have half the computer of mine and they play on fair with no lag whats up with this?
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  1. Hi jaco501,

    When you're turning, does your FPS drop significantly? If so, then there multiple things that can be causing this. Your ping does not affect your FPS - although if your ping is so high, we'll say 600 - 1000ms, you will notice a lot of people skipping, which says its an issue of connectivity. Sometimes, latency lag could be easily confused with graphical lag. Graphic lag effects your FPS directly.

    If this is an issue of FPS, which is what it sounds like, first you may want to:

    1.) Close any programs that are running in the background of your computer; mozilla firefox, google chrome, or torrenting software. Additionally, check your task bar for hidden icons that may be active, but minimized. Close the one's you do not need.
    2.) Check your graphic card's manufacturer's website for a software update for your graphics card. Sometimes, updates are released to resolve some of these issues as it may be a driver problem.
    3.) Could you specify what Power Supply Unit you are using? Have you experienced this kind of lag in any other game(s)? If so, which ones?
  2. ive never had any lag of the sort before on dirt2 or call of duty mw2 both pretty much maxed out accept for the AA it also run grid with no problem at all maxed out it plays crysis on ultra with VERY little lag and need for speed hot pursuit with out much lag either and i have a corsair hx 750watt psu thanks for the speedy reply! and all thoses games have had fire fox or itunes open while playign the game if you can tell me a screen recoreder that will record my wow gameplay all do it and upload to youtube so you can see what i mean
  3. No problem. You can use fraps. Download the Xvid codec and virtuadub to compress the clip. You can host it on filefront. Compress video with xvid under the compression tab in virtuadub.
  4. its uploading to youtube that way if theres anyone on there that has had the same problem they can help out too thanks should be up soon! all post back when its up
  5. Ping or latency can cause FPS issues. That being said, your latency is fine. Anything under 150 is good. There are 3 main things that cause FPS issues for me; latency, running hot and background programs (such as dowloaders, antivirus software and media players). Since your latency is ok, I'd check your CPU & GPU temps. Also try running without any other programs running in the background. You also say that you're getting 200 FPS, but experience frame rate stutters when "turning". Try enabeling Vsync. This will limit your FPS to a value equal to your monitors refresh rate. Sometimes playing with VSync off can cause these slight graphical glitches. The game will play just as good and look just as smooth at 60FPS with Vsync enabled as it would at 200FPS with it disabled. Do to your stated frame rate of 200FPS except when you turn around or move in certain ways, I would suspect that this may solve your problem. If not then try checking for updated drivers for your graphics card.
  6. okay and my gpu temps are nowhere near where they would be on crysis maxed out it runs at like 60 celcius and my cpu will run at aroun 40 but all try and enable vsync
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