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Low FPS in WoW.

Hi im not sure if this is the right place to ask this but if not,please redirect me if needed be.

Im a huge WoW nerd and I bought a PC maybe 6 months ago,here is my specs.

I7 930 2.8ghz
ATI 5770 1gb gigabyte vid card
6 gigs of ram
windows 7 home premium
600gb hard drive(western digital black)

My windows score for my pc is 6.0

I play wow at "Fair" settings witch is the next step up from lowest settings on a 1980x1080 resolution.
My fps drops 5fps in 25mans on certain fights and its incredibly annoying.I plan on buying a gtx 580 at the end of febuary in hopeing this will fix my problem and if i have enough getting a 200gb ssd.

This is strickly for WoW 25man raids I have this problem and out in the world my fps is decent i guess like 60-80.

Any advice,feed back and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.
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  1. You should be able to play WoW on those settings with no problems. The first thing that I would suggest is to update your video card drivers. Then check your CPU & GPU temps when you are experiencing this problem. You can also run task manager and look for any background program that may be running that is using a large amount of system resources.
  2. You have more then enough power to max out wow. Better check, drivers/temps.
  3. Awesome thanks for replying.I just got drivers detective a few hours ago and apperently i have like 15 out of date drivers, but not including my video card,thats up to date.This may be dumb to ask but would other non related video drivers have anything to do with my problem?

    Edit: damn its actually 37 out of date drivers.
  4. driver detective is junk!
  5. Since im not in a raid setting,I went right in the middle of Orgrimmar(major city) that every hangs out in and tested my GPU/CPU speeds and temps useing useing the recent version of Techpower ups GPU-Z.These are the result in windows mode.

    GPU core clock: 850.00Mhz
    GPU Memory Cloak: 1200.00Mhz
    GPU Temp: 49.0-50*C
    Fan Speed: 35%
    GPU Load: 0%
    Fan Speed: RPM
    GPU Temp1: 46.0*C
    GPU Temp2: 50-51*C
    GPU Temp3: 49.0*C

    Useing Speedfan to see my CPU temps this is what i got from the readings.

    Temp2: 88c
    Temp3: 48c
    Core 0: 86c
    Core 1: 86c
    Core 2: 86c
    Core 3: 87c
    Core 4: 85c

    Not exactly sure what all this means but some feed back would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    driver detective is junk!

    What else is out there that i should use?
  7. Download your own off of the sites that your hardware comes from!
  8. Driver dectective makes alot of errors!
  9. Those core tems are high!

    MY quad temps never go above 42 c!
  10. So...How can I get my core temps lowered?Im useing the stock fan right now.

    Do i need more fans?Im useing a haf932black editon case so im assuming i got decent air flow with 4 fans.
  11. should be lower , you need a better heatsink!
  12. Your CPU temps are high. I suspect this is the cause of your FPS issues while doing 25 man raids. Are you overclocking the CPU at all? If so then back off the overclock a bit. If not then you need to figure out a way of lowering those temps. I would look into buying a better CPU cooler.
  13. uh oh...thermal compound..owie..uh oh...
  14. Funny thing is just realized today.

    When i first cleaned out my new pc,I took out the heat sink to blow the air out of it and i realized this blue sticky stuff on it.First thing i did was wipe it away thinking that it was some kinda build up from heat or somthing.That was 4 months.

    So basically all this time ive been useing no thermal compund on my cpu,I just went out and bought some today for like 16 bucks that has some kind of silver agent inside of it and my core temps went down alot.

    So yeah I'm a big fricken noob i did not realize or understand the purpose of the blue sticky gunk on my cpu,but now i know.the tech guy i talked to where i live where i bought the new thermal compound said that i was lucky that my cpu held up for that long and i didnt fry it.

    Even though the tempts went down every time i open up wow the core temps go back up to 85+,is this normal? or does my problem still persist?
  15. BeefBravo said:
    Your CPU temps are high. I suspect this is the cause of your FPS issues while doing 25 man raids. Are you overclocking the CPU at all? If so then back off the overclock a bit. If not then you need to figure out a way of lowering those temps. I would look into buying a better CPU cooler.

    I don't Oc at all.This is just how it is.I may just go out and buy a new heat sink or invest in somthing a little more such a s awater cooler or somthing.But i dont plan on Oc'ing anytime soon so i doubt it worth a water cooler.
  16. Best answer
    did you apply the thermal compound correctly? smearing it across the entire surface area of the cpu itself? it's absolutely crucial that it's applied correctly if you want to see results
  17. Yeah I believe i did it properly.The compound came with a paint brush type applicator,so i just spread a thin layer of it accross the cpu itself.After i just carfefully sit my heat sink ontop of it.

    Now my core temps are much lower now while running WoW its at a steady 65*c and im very happy with this.

    Thank you very much everyone for the replys,been a great help.I guess ill be more cofident when i get my gtx580 at the end of this month knowing my cpu is in good running condition.
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