Install Wins Xp over Win 98 ME

I want to install Wins XP Pro upgrade to my old Win 98 ME but it pops up an message that says that I need to uninstall McAfee anti-virus software. I tried to uninstall this software but unsuccessfully. Do you know why?
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  1. Just format your drive with a floppy from and all your worries will be over.
  2. That would be wonderful. I just wonder that I just have the upgrade Win XP Pro version not the full XP Pro version. If I download software from it will re-format my hard disk but I may need a full version of Win XP. Can you tell me what should I do?
    thank you for your help.
  3. Disable your anti-virus. If you only possess the upgrade version that is your only option. Look for the process running in your taskbar beside the time, right click on the icon, and choose something like stop or disable.

    For future referencing. Upgrades versions of an OS kind of stink. It's better to just get the full version if you want to upgrade your OS.
  4. Do you still have Win98 CD? If you do, just reformat your Win98 partition, and install WinXP. When XP setup asks for old version of Windows, just put your W98 CD for verifying (that's what I did).
    If you're no longer have its CD, you can disable McAfee antivirus by running msconfig, and uncheck its entry(s) in Startup tab. Restart computer and McAfee won't run anymore.

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  5. What is Win 98 ME?

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