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Currently, I'm having a problem with my external HDD. To be honest, I've got no idea what's happened to it. It was working perfectly some days ago, and now my computer can no longer recognise it, for some reason. I bought it in June, but last week it stopped working properly. My HDD is a Hitachi XL1000.

The whole deal happened after Windows 7 did a backup on it. It was working after the backup, then I turned off my computer. But, when I turned it on again, it no longer recognised the external HDD. I've also tried formatting it, and it worked again for a while. But, after I turned the computer off and back on once more, it stopped recognising it again.

Do you guys have any ideas what happened? Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance

Edit: I think I should be more accurate. Windows still recognises the HDD. However, it cannot access it any more.
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  1. Can you see it in Device manager and disk management?
    What did you use for the backup, MS backup?
    In any case i don't think it have any thing to do with the issue.
    Try to plug it in to other computer.....
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