Serious 1st time buy! Need help/oppinions about future proofing!

firstly im not posting my dream team of parts, im seriously considering this pc for my budget, im in ireland so new egg is out of the question im afriad.

anyways im big into wow so first game ill play on it is most likely gonna be wow, i know it can handle it fine cause my laptop with its 8400m gs 512mb can run wow on ultra without shadows at 26 fps, very precise not even a round 30 lol

although i do want to play other games like fallout, the new oblivion, crysis, deadspace 2 especially.

i am looking for a first buy that i can upgrade but also have it handle outside the box.

this is the set up

AM3 AMD Phenom II X4 965 (4x 3.40 GHz) 95W Deneb Box
ATI® RADEON® HD6850 1024MB GDDR5 PCi-e
GigaByte GA-880GA-UD3H, 880G(GBL/R/F/DDRIII)
4,00 GB DDR3 RAM PC1600 NANYA ELIXIR (2GB(2)PC1600)

keep in mind this isnt bad for 600 euro, all its missing is windows 7.
im happy with the GPU, the ram and powersupply will be upgraded with Corsair brands when i get the money.

my only real question is with the CPU and mother board, ive been told not to buy amd cause their am3 socket is dog years old and its only gonna be a waste cause their new architecture is coming, but now 1156 sockets have "gone out the window" due to the new second gen intel processors.

worst come to the worst i buy a new mobo and processor right?????

this is the second build for 750 euro,
again it will have its part updated with more desireable brands i.e. corsair
and again worst come to the worst i buy a new 1155 socket mobo and the i5 a future upgrade.

Intel Core i5-760, 4x 2.80GHz, boxed CPU 1156
DDR3 4,00GB / PC1600 SAMSUNG XTC Platinum TC KIT CL7 LV
Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3, H55 EXPRESS (dual PC3-10667U DDR3

in my mind the pros of the 600 eurp build is the ati 6850 as a good starting point, the phenom II x4 965 seems to have good reviews.
the cons are that its amd and intel have the new 1155 sockets.

the pros of the second build is that its an i7, and it has a 1gig gtx 460,
the cons are that i wud need the 1136 socket to upgrade to the higher i7's unless for the 3rd time ive typed it i get a 1155 mobo.

so whats your guys oppinions? its between these two. its for modern gaming but to still be upgraded.
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  1. Better going with 1155 i5 2500k sb with a p67 mobo seems to be alot faster in the benchmarks right now then others
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