How do I install a game using virtual clone drive for a ccd image?

Ok, so to start off, I do own the game. I'm having to use virtual clone drive because the disc is too scratched. I need to know how to install the game once I have mounted the game onto the virtual clone drive. When I say 'open' it just gives me all the individual files of the game. Also, I tried running the launch.exe but when I click the install buttton it doesn't do anything. By the way, the game I am trying to install using virtual clone drive is Medieval Total War CD1. Basically, I don't know how to make the game files work together to install the game.
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  1. If we aren't allowed to discuss using virtual clone drive because of piracy issues, then can somebody tell me any other solutions to trying to install a game without using the disc to install it? Or could somebody give me a solution to fixing a scratched disk?
  2. You can't fix a scratched disk, but you can burn the ISO of the disk to a CD and use that in place of your bad one. Unless the copy protection checks for something on the disk that the CD writer can't duplicate.
  3. You can try using one of the many Disc Dr. devices that are out there. Best Buy probably has one and it might help to get the disc back in working order.

    If you haven't created the ISO yet you can try using IMGBurn to create an ISO of your disc. Small app, easy to use. Also, will allow you to burn to disc.

    With the ISO you can download and install Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% to mount the image and run the installer.

    Considering these apps aren't illegal and you are using a disc that you own, I can't see how it would be construed as piracy.
  4. thanks.
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