xp wont shut down

hi Guy's
when I go to turn off this pc im cleaning up for someone
it just wont switch off.
I go to start then turn off and it just goes back to normal as if I had'nt tryed to turn it off. It does the same when I press on restart.
its a Tiny machine with a p4 1.7 and 512 of rAM
any ideas
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  1. Update and run the anti-virus. If that does not work the slap in the Windows CD and try a repair. If that does not work then back up your files and reformat.
  2. thanks I will give it a try
  3. I was just talking with the owner of the pc and she said someone had to reinstall xp last year due to the same problem.
    Could this be hardware related?
  4. finally downloaded a new winxp update on dailup and it seems to have solved the problem
    thanks alot for your halp guy's
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