HIIDDEN OBJECT Games on windows 7 64-bit

I am new to windows 7 64 bit, I love hidden object games, I have been using windows xp for many years now I am not finding any of my type of games, please help.
Have I wasted my time buying a new machine??????
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  1. Possibly they are hiding so good you cant find them :)

    Use google and download some free ones.
  2. I have done that and there is not too much around, :non: I thought maybe a "veteran" could give me a more sensible answer. I will keep looking !!!! : :lol:
  3. Hidden object games?
  4. Herr_Koos said:
    Hidden object games?

    live dangerously try a hidden object game ......u will be hooked!!!!
  5. smithjackson1 said:

    I want a game not a book!!!!
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