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Anyway.. I have been wanting a new joystick for a long time, but just started actually looking for one now.

But its like there arent any joysticks out there ! I mean, the only two brands i can find are Seitek/Cyborg and logitech.

Can anyone here recommend a decent joystick for Microsoft FSX(primarily). I am not a hardcore sim-flyer, so I am not looking for a seperate throttle, like the saitek x52, which is waay to expensive anyway..

Hope anyone can help me..
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  1. The Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick has got some good reviews on amazon and is just 40 bucks.
  2. a bit old here but I too am looking for a joystick as I am hoping to replay the old Mechwarrior games.

    From what I've read - the Logitech sticks are generally of poor quality (Extreme and Force 3D), with both calibration and dead spot issues.

    I've been trying to find
    Saitek Cyborg X Flight Stick With Dual Throttle
    but not found any instock in Canada. So with that.. I'm still looking

    I'll take a peek for that Thrustmaster and see if I can find it available here
  3. Same problem here. I've heard the cyborg has a lot of wobble to it and that's a shame because it had a lot of nice features. The x52 is too expensive. There's not a whole lot out there considering 8 years ago there were so many options
  4. You could look at something like the Saitek Avi8r or however they spell that stupid thing (spelling like that is a pet hate of mine)
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