To all A7V rev. 1.02 owners...

As a reference I would like to know the board and CPU temperature measured on your mobo, both when inactive and under load. Please also specify the type of CPU, bios and cooler you're using.

Although I don't have any stability problems, many of you will consider the CPU temp I measure kinda high (59..62°C). There's no much variation between inactive and full load temp (about 2..3°C). I use a FOP32-I cooler with 2 FOP32-I fan's stacked on top of each other. The cooler is mounted as it should be, with arctic silver paste applied. The measured case temp is about 34°C. I don't really trust the measured CPU temp, so I would like to know what other people get...
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  1. i've got a duron 800mhz (not oc'ed)
    asus a7v rev. 1.02, bios rev. 1005a
    thermaltake chrome orb, radio shack thermal compound
    no load, i get 38-39c.
    playing 3d stuff (mechwarrior4...) i get 42-43c.

    i don't know about my case temp but it's got to be low. i've got a 120mm fan in front and an 80mm fan in the back with a shroud mounted directly above the heatsink. plus the p/s fan. the case is a fong kai fk320. it's big and loud.

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  2. I have a t-bird 900 with the retail heatsink. I replaced the fan with a sunon brand though that only made it quieter, the temp remains constant at about 50C with or without load. The motherboard runs about 34C.

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  4. rev: 1.02
    BIOS: 1005C
    CPU: TBird-900
    HS&fan: CoolerMaster DP5-6H11 with the thermal pad it came with (no paste)
    Temp @ 100% load: 42C
    Avg case temp: 25C

    I started with an orb thing which just didn't cut it (60C+), then went to a FOP-38 (47C) but it was so loud I bought the CoolerMaster. If I o/c it to 1GHz the temp goes up to 44C (100% load).

    - JW
  5. Just put 2 together.
    900 t-brd
    coolermaster hsf
    runs between 48 and 52C

    my system
    1.2G T-bird
    same mobo
    super Orb (should've found something different) but it works
    runs between 48 and 53C

    Just put these 2 systems togethor last week for a friend and myself. A little warm but neither one of us had any lockups or anything. And I'm very happy I went to a T-bird. It was quite easy to set up unlike what a lot of people have posted
  6. I think your CPU temp is a bit high... It could be at least (depending on ambient temp) 20C less than what you are getting.

    My Tbird is a 750 with AVC cooler (almost generic...), it spins at 6400rpm and the CPU temp is 50~54C, without load, at 100% it increases 4~5C. I upgraded the BIOS to 1005c and the A7V's revision is 1.02.
    And I got MBM5 to monitor my board, works fine!

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  7. i am running a duron 650 o/ced to 867 (8.5x102) with vcore at 1.75 and it is fully stable in win2k and the computer is on 24/7. the max temp i get is 50 and low side is 47. i am using a chrome orb with cheapo heatsink past. i have a new super orb and artic silver heatsink paste that just came in today i am going to put in later sometime this week.

  8. Whoa, now I am scared. My amd 1.2 ghz is normally 65-72 C, which is WAY too high by the sound of it. I do have just a (crap) orb and generic paste...any fan recommended? Also, how tricky would it be to remove the fan i have on now?
  9. t-bird 900
    cooler (big cooler master)
    CPU idle 49 C
    CPU load 56 C
    Mobo 34 C

    inside my computer the temputer is 30C beceause is have 3 7200 rmp hd's running and a CD-R

    already friet my t-bird 800 because of a mell-functoning cooler.
  10. cycot, if i was you i would do definitly do something ebout it. First you can check on tom's page about coolers to checkout a cool cooler.
    and you have to ad an chassis Fan if you do not already have one.
    It is not to hard to changhe coolers, But with athlons you have to look out that you don't [-peep-] up yhe cpu-die.

    good luck.

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  11. TB-800
    Rev 1.02
    Bios 1005c
    FOP-32 w/ Arctic Silver Paste
    38-39 idle
    42 under load (playing 3D games for a few hours)
    (cools off by about 2 degrees when I open my case up so I need better flow).

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  12. Asus A7V 1.02 1005c
    Windows 2000
    Athlon 900mhz
    GLobalwin FOP32-1 Arctic Silver

    average no load 41-43
    under load 43-47
    if i take the side of the case off i get about a 38 degree no load and about a 42 degree high, so i am installing two more fans to get that temp with the case on. would like to see it sit under the 40 mark all the time. no reason just have MBM5 running and its a constant reminder of the temp. so i want to see it in lower numbers, makes me feel better

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  13. CPU 40C
    Case 25C

    I'm using a Coolermaster HSF and a Fong Kai FK320 case (with the big fan in the front and the duct on the back) and...
    PS 300W
    CPU is a 900 T-Bird
    256MB PC100 SDRAM
    Quantum Fireball KA ATA66 hard drive
    Kenwood 62X CD
    GeForce DDR
    SBLive! w/ Live Drive
    3Com 56K Modem
    Intel 10/100 NIC

    I think that's about it. My temperature with my previous case was about 50-60C for CPU and about 30C+ for case I think.

  14. Asus A7V rev. 1.02 bios 1005c
    Duron 600 @ 950
    Arctic Silver and GlobalWin FOP32
    Chip 40-44C
    Mobo 25-30C
    temps are the range from idle to load.
  15. what about case fans? are you moving air through your case? if not that would be a great place to start. don't worry though they're supposed to be rated to 90c. this is the first place i've seen people posting temps over 55c without lockups.

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  16. I have an A7V, Tbird 900 (right now at 1050), and a FOP-38. I took the fan off the FOP-38 and replaced it with one from an FDP-32, but I kept the heatsink. I'm also using arctic silver. When under load running at 1.15Ghz, and by the open window, I can keep the temps down to about 33C cpu, 22C mobo. When the window is closed, and the case is closed (no case fans yet), it gets up to about 55/37.

    But again, I don't really trust the monitors on the A7V. I have my voltage set to the max of 1.85 volts by jumper, yet asusprobe detects my core voltage as 1.92. My -12V is read as -13.096, my +3.3 is +3.504 and my +5V is read as 4.784... So I'm not too sure how accurate the temps are.
  17. Maybe we're all a bit obsessed about keeping the temperature as low as possible. Of course, the lower the better, but the upper temperature limit set by the Asus Probe program is 85°C, and none of the posters here have reported a temperature that high yet.
    One of the things I'm going to do in the near future is to mount a temperature sensor on the heat sink to see what I get there.
    I will also replace the current case intake fan by a stronger PAPST fan and will also add 2 outtake fans (also PAPST). This will probably make the system even noisier than it is already...
    I have read a post of another user on this forum. He uses the same type of case as I do, also with an A7V and a 1200MHz ThunderBird, and gets about the same temperatures as I do. So the case will have to do something with it too (AOpen HX-08).
  18. I'm bringing this old thread back to the front.
    Any new data? (maybe also from A7V133 owners...)

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  19. 850 running at 1000 Fop32 with an extra fan on the side as much as 53C just hanging out and 57 workin it. If I turn on the exaust fans temp drops about 5C. But I put my heat sink fan on an abit board and it reported a -10C reading. So if anyone is happy how cool their abit is, or anyone bummed at how hot their asus is, one of the boards is lying.

  20. 37-42c when fully loaded using an Alpha cooler not sure which one on a thunderbird 650@884, 1.9v, IWILL KK266. Will be upgrading to a 1.3gh thunderbird soon.
  21. i'm running a thunderbird 850, A7V rev 1.xx(didn't bother to reboot to check)bios 1004D. my temp is similar to yours.
    i have a blower exhaust fan next to my creative geforce2 MX, an intake fan underneath the p/s blowing directly at the CPU, a standard cpu fan and heatsink and the p/s fan

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