Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online is in closed beta test. It is a fully 3D browser MMO with nice graphics. One thing I have learned after experiencing BGO is never to underestimate next generation browser games. :o

You can discover some more information about the game and in-game screenshots in this preview.
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  1. An interesting thing to know is that some next generation browser games are starting to be huge in size. Nowadays they can easily take hundreds of megabytes of hard drive space.
  2. Man, was that not one of the best shows ever?! Not too interested in an BSG MMO, but it does look pretty decent for a browser-based game. Too bad they didn't go with a different format. I'd love to run around searching for the Final Five or liberating humans with Sam in the resistance.
  3. A story-driven game would be fun. The missile at the end of the new trailer looks like a nuke. :)
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