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Down the PC rabbit hole

Ok so I recently came on ehre and got advice on my PC build made some of my own adjustments and have the cash ready to throw at my gaming PC but I've been holding off jsut because its such a big purchase.

Anyways long story short I'm not a graphics addict or anything as long as there decent and theres no glitching/lagging I'm happy and I want to be able to play games like Star Wars: The Old Republic(ive never played an MMO before), Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mass Effect, Fable 3, The Witcher 2, Dead State, Dragon Age 2, Starcraft II mostly RPG's with maybe a couple RTS's thorwn in and one or two FPS's so here are my few remaining concerns

1. Will this build be playing new games on at least medium to high graphics for the next 3-5 years or will I be upgrading in like 1-2 years?

2. Many of these games are available on consoles and PC with the exception of a few however I'm more of a ps3 console gamer then a 360 and the 360 exclusives I do want all seem to be on PC as well (mass effect, fable) so I'm trying to decide if a PC is worth the cost or if I should just get a new ps3(mine broke down a while ago)

3. I planned to get the high end CPU and GPU because while like I said I'm not to concerned with the highest level of graphics possible I want to be able to run most games on high settings and I don't want to have to upgrade for at least 3 if not 5 years but I'm not sure if a cheaper card would be able to do that just as well or if the high end one is worth it so in 3 years when a new game comes out I want I can still run it at high settings

4. Is this worth the money or is it to much of an investment for someone who will be playing mostly RPG's

I have been wanting a gaming PC for a while I really want to play starcraft 2, I'm looking forward to trying my first MMO(star wars) provided it isn't horrible or something upon release, and I loved games like The witcher(havent played through much of it as PC can't handle it right now), baldurs gate, and NWN, back in the day. I'm ready to spend the money the only thing holding me back is I already have a computer which can play movies music go on the internet etc. the only thing this new PC would be for is games so any comments on what you think I should be doing would be not only appreciated but very helpful

sorry If I rambled a bit there or anything I'm a little tired and haven't really known where to post this or how to necessarily articulate all my thoughts on the subject

oh and this is my build I'm reusing my old case, speakers, dvd drive and fan and probably bringing my 27inch 720p HD insgnia TV to hook up with my PC

these are the parts I'm purchasing
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    Being a PC guy myself, I believe the platform is a good long-term investment. My current build is nearly four years old and still does everything I ask of it, even though the going is tougher than it used to be.. ;-)

    Your rig is very well spec'ed, and I believe it will easily last you 3 years plus.
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  3. You'll be able to play everything maxed out and at a solid framerate with that for a few years to come. If you want to save some money you could go for the 560 Ti and overclock it quite a bit. I can play The Witcher 2(best RPG of the year) at Ultra settings and at 50 - 60fps with 1080p resolution with my 560 Ti OC.
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