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Basically, I'm looking for a game where you play as hacker of some sort, or has at least some things to do with hacking (Not games like Mass Effect 2, I want it to be more focused on Hacking, like Deus Ex).

Games I all ready know:

Deus Ex (Can't get my Steam copy working, one of the reasons I'm looking for another Hacking game).

Uplink (Too damn hard, every time I do something, a few in-game hours later it says the government caught me and I have to start over).

Global Agenda (Doesn't look very good).

Hacker Evolution (Currently playing, quite good, hard to remember some stuff).

Basically, does anyone know any others?

Or did I name just about all of them?

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  1. Tell, don't know any of them but i will try and look for some. And Aslo Do try and change the title, it can be quite misleading with the word hacking in it, people may think you are a hacker
  2. Thanks for having a look.

    And I think I'll leave the title, I don't think anyone will mistake me for a hacker, and if they do, I'm positive they'll be intrigued enough to click on my post and read what I wrote, only to find out I'm just looking for games that include hacking.
  3. The only one that comes to mind is the Star Wars Old Republic (1 & 2) where there's a huge focus on hacking (should you choose to upgrade in this skill). Though, this is kind'of like Mass Effect (just older).
  4. There are a few that come to mind for me.

    Hacker Forever: http://www.hackerforever.com/guest.php
    Watch Dogs
    HackTheGame: http://hackthegame.com/?htg=downloads
    Codelink V3: has not been released yet but hopefully soon.

    If you like any of these the your welcome.
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