Where did Control Panels go?

Just recently a user in the company lost access to control panel and can not go to properties when right clicking on the desktop. It says restrictions are in effect or something. I check user accounts in control panel under administrator and the user has administrative right and is a local admin. I even check gpedit.msc and compared it to another PC and they both match. Is there anything eles I am over looking to check? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Hm... Local admin "should" override any domain restrictions, maybe the user is having some kind of crazy problems authenticating with the server. When in doubt blame dns, 9 times out of 10 that is it. If dns isn't working 100% correctly on a windows domain really crazy things happen. Ping your domain controller, router, etc just to make sure its dns is working properly.
    Did someone decide to play with MMC or something on it? That is about the only way to restrict a local admin.

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  2. Hehe I know what you mean; he is able to ping the DNS and have not messed with the MMC. He did tell me it started to disappear when he tried to install a cordless mouse and canceled the installation. Now he is unable to go into properties into anything. Other then that I have checked every possible way to restrict access that I know of. Any more help would be great.
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