Can you get banned from xbox live for opening your xbox?

i have a problem with my xbox 360 dvd drive and i dont feel like paying microsoft $100 for something i can do myself for 30. to be clear im not modding my xbox, just replacing the dvd drive. i was wondering if there is anything i need to no before i do this? like is there a risk of getting banned from live or is there anything i have to do to prevent myself from getting banned? or is it safe to open ur xbox and replace the drive with out any risk of getting banned?
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  1. The replacement drive you put in will be recognized as not the "right" one and will send up some flags to Microsoft. There is a process for doing what you want but it is against the ToS and you can get in trouble for it.
  2. I know someone who did this and they managed to hack the DVD drive into thinking that it was registered to the console but as mentioned above, its not a good idea because its against the ToS and you could potentially do more damage to your system than good.

    If your drive is broken, use your warrenty to get it repaired or pick up a cheap 360 on ebay etc. A RROD xbox can be really cheap and easy to fix with a bit of thermal compount or bolts.

    Hope this helps
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