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a man is walking through a town where the people either always tell the truth or always tell a lie. He comes to a fork in the road and does not know which way to go to get to the place he needs to go. What question could he ask a townsperson to get the correct direction?
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  1. "was the buldozer platform a success?"
    Sure, you wont get the directions you are looking for, but you will know real quick if they are lying or not
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  3. Which fork would a liar tell you was the right one ...
  4. I want to go to A, but ask to go to B, thus A=B for the liars response
  5. Ask a question you know the answer to both of them, then ask which fork to take
    Two questions would work
  6. Im surprised in you folks.

    Ask one of them "Which way would the other tell me to go?"

    So we have two types of people

    Liars + Truthers (This is some weird OCD village)

    And two paths

    A + B

    Lets say A is the correct path. And B leads to New Jersey.

    If I ask one person "What path would the other tell me to take?"

    A liar would tell me that the truthful person would tell me to go B (Because hes a liar)

    A truthful person would also respond to the question with B (Because he tells the truth and knows the other person will lie and tell you to go B)

    So just ask that question and do the opposite. Ta Da!
  7. Give the guy a peanut ... didn't take you long Mingo.

    Well done.
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