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I don't think i have any direct draw hardware on my laptop, so i was wondering if there was a way to get the games that use direct draw/direct 3d to work without actually having the hardware?
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  1. What are your laptop specs? DirectDraw has been around for many years; it's an integral part of Windows. I cannot believe that hardware exists that doesn't support it.
  2. I have a Dell Inspiron 600m with windows 7 home premium 32-bit.
    standard VGA display
    When I bought the laptop, it had windows XP on it and it said that directdraw and direct3d were enabled. But, ever since i put 7 on, it won't work any more.
    I have a 1.6GHz processor (Intel Pentium M Processor)
    512MB RAM
    i hope this helps!
    thanks in advance...
  3. Try downloading the latest DirectX plus updates from Microsoft's website.
  4. i have Direct x 11 and the latest updates for it. It still says all options are unavailable... :sweat:
  5. I suspect the case is this: The laptop was supplied with Windows XP, including XP video drivers - Is the laptop's video hardware supported by Windows 7?

    Check the laptop specs to see what video hardware is fitted, and then google for the laptop manufacturer / chipset manufacturer to see if either of these supply Windows 7 video drivers. The specs you've quoted so far sound a bit dated, so you might have trouble finding W7 drivers.

    I don't know of any way to emulate DirectDraw/DirectD3D in software, and I'd imagine that if such an application existed it would probably not be very rapid.
  6. thank you for all the replies! i returned the laptop to XP and now i have directdraw/direct3d back! yay! yes the laptop was supplied with XP and i tried to put it on 7. i went to the dell website and you were right, no 7 drivers...I'd love to be able to run 7, but not on this laptop...time to save up for a new one..
  7. I expect the GPU on the laptop does not meet Vista/7's minimum GPU requirements...
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