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I have an xbox360 and i have recently got bored of the games i have, i dont really know which ones to buy anymore.
could anyone please reccomend me some games to play i alredy have a collection of various types of games inc. gta, red dead etc
i am looking for anything really that will keep me entertained and wont outstay its welcome.

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  1. Why are you complaining? .. I lent you a £13 game for £2 >.>
  2. Too Human is a very fun and challenging game, extremley gripping storyline and very hard to complete fully without getting stressed and stuck!

    Also i recommend Lost Planet, i have not played the latest (Lost Planet 2) as of yet but the first was a fun game and had a decent amount of longevity.
  3. Taegel, you wont enjoy either of those .. Lost Planet is shocking .. You would be more suited to something like Dark Sector or Just Cause 1 & 2
  4. Just Cause is an awesome game, graphics are intense on PC. Unfortunately the Xbox 360 lets it down.
  5. okay thanks i already have played just cause 1 and 2 both got quite boring way too quick
  6. Graphics are still really good on the Xbox .. I got ages of play time on that because you can find things like the hot air balloon, bubble gun and the mile high club .. Well worth the price you pay for it
  7. i agree the hot air balloon and bubble gun are great fun but like the first one it got boring it needed more umph maybe a less serious side to it would have improved it.
  8. Mass effect 2.
  9. Gun. Maybe out dated but open world missions are a lot of fun. Not the standard of RDR but it has it's charm.

    Saints Row 2. Never played this myself but looks interesting.

    Two Worlds 2 is coming out
  10. isnt gun a western i have played call of juarez and red dead how similar is it to them? and saints row 2 i found great fun but it got boring
  11. It's more like Red Dead than Juarez. It boasts a good story and voice acting. MUST be played on hardest difficulty or its waaayy too easy.

    You mine little gold deposits hidden around the world for cash. Ride horses across Montana I think. Pick up missions sort of like GTA. Upgrade weapons and skills in an RPG manner.

    Not nearly as big as Red Dead Redemption, or as pretty, but a really good game for what it is. Once u get over the 1st few missions it opens up alot. But remember, HARD MODE! :D
  12. Btw.. Have you played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?
  13. oh okay cool i think i'll try that and i played it once but quite a while ago one of those games that never ends :P


    Awesome game, you can kill the main characters, it is soo hilarious, watch gameplay on youtube, also watch toby turner gameplay.

    I really can't describe how awesome this game is so just watch videos on youtube.
  15. I forgot to add the fallout is by the same makers as oblivion.
  16. oooo okay i have fallout 3 goty but im stuck :O
  17. Fallout New Vegas is much better than fallout 3, it has so many weapons like the grenade machinegun, tesla cannon, holy frag and too many to list including the fatman launcher from fallout 3.

    If you are stuck in fallout 3 just watch a walkthrough on youtube, DUHH!!
  18. ahhhhhh yeah but i dont think theres a walkthrough for this ive been trolling for ages to find one
  19. I didn't play fallout 3 much, I got bored so I got new vegas on PC and it's awesome!
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